Build Your Own AI Tool in 8 Weeks

Learn how to transform your ideas into AI solutions that your organization can seamlessly adopt.
Cohort 1 was completed August 2023. Cohort 2 will be announced shortly. Space is limited.

Learn is the Generative AI practice at bld.ai, which teaches executives how to build powerful tools, apps, and APIs using the latest large language models (LLMs). We pair you with a dedicated bld.ai team to build your own AI-powered tool from scratch.

Foundation Track Course: 8 Weeks

  • 8-week course includes live online classes, discussion groups, and hands-on prototyping workshops.
  • We pair you with a bld.ai team to build your own custom AI product.
  • Course fee includes credits for LLM usage, access to our pool of talented engineers, designers, and a product manager to oversee your project.
  • All intellectual property created during the course will belong to you or your employer if you’re participating on their behalf.

Learn is a good fit if…

  • You are an executive (eg. Director), decision-maker, or leader at both established companies and startups.
  • You want to understand GenAI and its applications for your organization.
  • You want to see how AI tools like ChatGPT work from the ‘ground up’ and prototype your custom own tool while owning its IP.



How AI is affecting your industry

Learn about generative AI use cases in your industry and where business value could accrue next.

Energy and Materials
Wholesale and Retail
Finance and Insurance


bld.ai provides AI consultancy services through 500+ engineers, designers, and product managers. We’re proud to partner with a spectrum of clients, from venture-backed startups to global multinationals.

Learn more: https://www.bld.ai/



Who should apply?

Learn by bld.ai is designed for corporate executives seeking to learn how Generative AI tools are built and gain practical experience in developing one by themselves.

What is the time commitment?

We expect participants to attend one 1-hour session a week for 8 weeks.

Who will be teaching the classes?

Classes will be taught by an all-star faculty of leaders in the field of AI, who have taught or previously worked at places like McKinsey, Amazon, Google, Stanford, and MIT.

Where will classes take place?

Classes are remote and will take place on Google Meets.

What does it mean to be paired with a bld.ai team?

A dedicated team comprised of an engineer, designer, and product manager will assist you in framing the opportunity, designing the solution, writing the code, and deploying the application.

What types of LLM-powered tools will I be able to build?

Our bld.ai teams will work with you to identify which use cases are most relevant to your organization and work with you to create a custom AI prototype that your organization can immediately adopt.

How much does Learn by bld.ai cost?

The course fee is $1495 and includes weekly lectures, and dedicated weekly time with our engineers, designers, and product managers for your custom AI project. All intellectual property created by you during the course will belong to you or your employer if you’re participating on their behalf.

How can I expense this course?

We’ve made it easy for you to expense the course. Upon enrollment, you will receive an invoice for your course purchase. Simply forward this invoice to your team for reimbursement. If you need any assistance in customizing the invoice with your company’s information, such as the name and address, feel free to reach out to us at learn@bld.ai. We’re here to help!

Who can I get in touch with if I have more questions?

Please contact Andrew at learn@bld.ai if you have any additional questions.